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4th Grade Reflection: History Colorado Museum

by Denise Pogue & the 4th Grade Students

At the History Colorado Museum in Denver, fourth grade students were led by a knowledgeable guide back into Colorado’s past to experience life in the “old days”.  One activity included investigating the scant resources available to the Mesa Verde people.  Students also took a look at how the Plains Indians used every part of the buffalo for survival.  A favorite hands-on experience involved performing the chores of real-life residents from the homestead town of Keota.  The final exhibit was a Silverton mine, where students descended deep into the mine to learn about the hardships faced by both miners and mules.  Fourth grade students came away from this field trip with a deeper understanding and greater appreciation for the challenges faced by earlier inhabitants of Colorado.


Student Reflections:

“My favorite part at the Colorado Museum was at the Keota. People in those times had hard work around the farm. They went to school, milked the cows, bought groceries, and took care of the house.” – Toby

“My favorite part was the mine. I really liked the activities you could do. I liked learning to drill with machinery. I also learned that mules worked in mines.” – Luke

“My favorite activity was Keota. We had to act like a person and we had a to do list that had chores. I had to pump a water pump 20 times and I had to milk a cow. Two more things I did were seeing how many toilets were in the outhouse. And I had to guess what cans had in them. Then I went grocery shopping.” – Harper

“My favorite activity was the mine camp. You got to watch videos and learn to drill. We also we down in an old elevator.” – Jadon


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