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Developing Future Teachers at HCA

by Emily Weant, HCA Senior

My sophomore year of high school, I began an adventure that would ultimately help me realize what exactly God has created me to do. With the help of Dr. Loyd, I became a Teacher’s Aide in the Heritage Kindergarten classroom.

It started out simply where I was just helping Mrs. Auch by copying papers or helping a kindergartener spell out a word they didn’t know. As time went on, I was given more and more responsibility. Now that I am a senior, when I go to help, Mrs. Auch sends them out into the hallway so we can work one on one.

Last year, the students and I worked together reading through a series of books meant to gradually teach them to read long sentences through blending the words, rather than picking apart each letter, hoping it sounds right.  I am currently working in the classroom a couple days a week. Right now, we are learning other names for first and second vowel sounds, such as long and short.

Both Dr. Loyd and Mrs. Auch have been tremendous gifts in my life. By allowing me to work as an aide in the classroom, they have helped me further develop the teaching abilities that God has blessed me with. Thanks to this wonderful opportunity, when I go off to college in the fall, I am now absolutely positive that teaching is what I want to spend the rest of my life doing.


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A Heart Changed

by Abigail Kress, 1st Grade Teacher

You were dead because of your sins and because your sinful nature was not yet cut away. Then God made you alive with Christ, for he forgave all our sins. – Colossians 2:13

This year in first grade we’ve learned a lot about what it means for God to spiritually revive us. When it came time for first grade to host chapel, we decided to put on a play and act out the story of Saul on the road to Damascus. We discussed how Saul, and every one of us, is born spiritually dead because of our sinful nature… but because God loves us so much, He sent Jesus, the perfect sacrifice, to the cross as payment for our sins. When we become Christ-followers, we are made alive again with Christ and in Christ.

Throughout the past year, we’ve talked about how when God changes our hearts, we begin to act more and more like Jesus. God can use anyone he revives in incredible ways just like he used Saul (who would eventually become Paul) in many awesome ways. We know that there is no age-requirement to be used by God for His glory and His kingdom here on earth – God can use first graders just as he uses adults!


Here are some things we’ve learned after studying the story of Saul’s spiritual transformation while on the road to Damascus…

  • God can change anyone’s heart. If he can change Saul’s heart, he can change anyone’s heart and revive anyone. –Emmitt
  • Both Saul and the King of Egypt started out the same because they hated God. Saul hated the people who loved Jesus. The King of Egypt hated the people who loved God. But Saul is different than the King of Egypt because God changed Saul’s heart and Saul did lots of wonderful things for Jesus. There’s a big difference between those two now. –Robbie
  • When we see people who are being mean and definitely don’t have Jesus in their hearts, we can tell them about Jesus. Jesus can change their hearts too. – Joey
  • We should pray for people who don’t know Jesus. We can ask God to please change their hearts so they don’t do really bad things anymore. Jesus changed Saul’s heart so he didn’t do really bad things anymore either. –Taylor
  • We can read our Bible to our friends who don’t believe in Jesus because it would tell them how God can change their heart just like He changed mine. We can be missionaries too just like Saul would become a missionary! –Sage
  • If we tell more people about Jesus, they will love Him more and more. –Elly

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Senior Thesis Presentations at HCA

by Patricia Hahn

Well, the moaning and groaning from the Senior class is just about to come to an end.  We are nearing the completion of the Senior Thesis Project.  If you are not familiar with this requirement of the secondary curriculum, grab a senior and they will gladly the share the joys and the sorrows of this challenging assignment.

The first part of the project is a 15 – 20 page paper on a local, national or international issue of a controversial nature.  Students pick their topic in early fall and spend the first semester researching and writing a rough draft.  Along the way there are smaller deadlines to keep them on task and to avoid procrastination.  In Rhetoric class, research, note taking and writing skills are reinforced with their final written copy due at the end of February.

At the turn in day of their paper, a breakfast is held for both the Seniors and their parents to recognize and celebrate the hard work that has gone in to fulfilling this first portion.  Because of the scope and length of the project, we understand that parents become a vital part in the completion of this assignment.

The final aspect of the project is an oral presentation of their paper given to a panel of four teachers.  Serving on the panel this year are Dr. Loyd, Mrs. Balderson, Mr. Martin and Mrs. Hahn. Students will speak for about 15 – 20 minutes followed by a question and answer session from the panel.  If time permits, questions from the audience are encouraged.

Along with the parents, families from the school are encouraged to attend.  The presentations are held in the lyceum each morning Monday – Thursday the week of April 18th.  You will find the speeches quite interesting and informative on a variety of relevant topics.  Please check out the schedule below to see if any of our topics this year my pique your interest. It is an opportunity to see our graduating Seniors, pull together a variety of academic skills in a formal presentation that will challenge them to reach a standard of excellence.

If you have any questions please contact the school office, and we hope to see you at one of the presentations. And if you happen to run into any of the Seniors in the next week or two, let them know that there is a light at the end of their tunnel!

2016 Senior Thesis Presentation Schedule

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