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Experiencing Jesus

by Doyleen Miller, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Experience Jesus” is the theme for this year’s elementary chapels. Whether it is sharing Jesus on the mission field of learning about how experiencing Jesus helps us to practice integrity, each chapel speaker shares lessons and stories about experiencing Jesus. Each elementary student has been encouraged to establish and cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus.

It is one thing to hear about experiencing Jesus and another thing to see an entire school collectively experiencing Jesus. As I reflect on the events of February 27, with 250 Heritage students serving others by filling packets of food for children in need at the “Feed My Starving Children” event, I experienced Jesus. Just like Jesus took the loaves and fish of a small boy and feed the multitudes, we prayed that God would take our gift of two hours and feed His hungry children around the world.

Experiencing Jesus doesn’t always happen just in a church service. Today, I experienced Him in a big warehouse filled with bags of rice.

Experience Jesus in the big things as well as the little things that come your way today.


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If Only

by Lori Merkley, 3rd Grade Teacher

….If only…if only I had ‘someone’ who noticed…If only I had ‘someone’ to talk to…If only ‘someone’ cared, then maybe it would be different….Maybe then I would be able to keep going and face life…..

These were some of the thoughts that haunted me in my middle through high school years. These are the same thoughts many young men and women still have today. And these are the same thoughts I keep in mind as I try to be that ‘someone’ with the small group of ladies God has places in my life.

And I would be willing to bet that many of you had these same thoughts in your life as you went through school. Perhaps you even have them now in your life. I would also be willing to bet that you feel you could not possibly be that ‘someone’. That you could not have anything to offer a young person. And yet I remember clearly that I didn’t have a check list on who that ‘someone’ would be, or what that ‘someone’ might look like, or how even old that ‘someone’ was. Just that I needed ‘someone’ to care, to listen, to comfort, to help, to notice-and one did. She became my life line, literally. She was only in my life for a short 6 months, but she is one of the reasons I help girls today. You see, she didn’t try to make a make a difference in my life. She didn’t have deep words or funny jokes. She wasn’t beautiful, young or rich. In fact she was rather old and very pain looking, and was quite; well, normal. Simple in fact. But she was kind and she listened. She gave me her full attention. She made me feel like I had something to offer the world and that the world just might even have something more to offer me instead of pain. And that is what I try to be with the girls in our Soul Sisters Bible study. For I am now that ‘someone’ to them. I am the old lady, the one who is not very rich in words or worldly goods. I am the plain looking lady next door who tends to live a simple life. But to the girls I have supported these last several years I try to be that ‘someone’ who listens, who cries with them if they need it, who laughs alongside of them, that ‘someone’ who cares.

And I would challenge you to pray about whether you too could be that ‘someone’ too. Like me you don’t have to be anything special, just be a person who listens, who pays attention, who cares. And then maybe you too make the difference that that one ‘someone’ did in my life all those years ago. Would it amaze you to know I don’t even remember her name now, but I credit her with saving me. So, don’t be afraid, instead make it your goal to be that ‘someone’ in a young person’s life today!

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